Workflows for Meetings
in Google Calendar

Protect your time from unnecessary meetings.

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Example 3
Example 1

Alert me if an invitee doesn’t confirm the invite.

Example 2

Ask invitees to send prework.

⚙️ Make automatic

2 days prior to each occurence

Example 2
Example 3
Example 3

Ask the host how are you supposed to contribute.


You create your own workflows.
We build an IF→THEN engine to make it easy.
All inside Google Calendar.

It saves you time.

Hey you! 👋
What workflows would you love?
Add yours!

Some great ideas

Add customized note [with reminder] to a meeting
Create Slack channel for a meeting
Ask for topics prior to a recurring meeting, every time
Did I get an invite outside my working hours? → Send [customized alert note]
Will I be in the office? → Assign meeting rooms to my meetings
Alert me if missing videoconference link
Ask attendees what takeaways they need after leaving the meeting
Remind me to follow up on a meeting
Ask for feedback on my recurring meeting (send a simple questionnaire)
Am I invited to a long and large meeting? → Ask host how I’m expected to actively contribute
Remind me to prepare this meeting
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