Protect your people from unnecessary meetings

Work-life balance starts with having appropriate time to get your work done. But unless given psychological safety to decline meetings, people can’t protect their time. Team leaders should help people protect their time.

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It starts with one question:
How much time can you spend in meetings and still get your work done?

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Jiri needs max. 10 meeting hours per week

Last 6 month average = 15 hours per week
Current recurring meetings = 7 hours per week

Know about all hours at risk. Early enough to save them.

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Talk to teams
that seem to be chronically overloaded.

4-Week Trend for Teams

Talk to people
who seem to be chronically overloaded.

4-Week Trend for People

Everyone has a clear target to protect.

Meeting Time vs. Individual Work Overview

Use new ways to respond to invitations.

Challenge Meetings Actions Dropdown

Everyone can ask a team leader for help, if feeling insecure to decline.

Asking the manager to help free up individual time

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  • Take care of your meeting capacity
  • Take care of your people’s and team’s meeting capacity
  • Teams app

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Everything in Standard, plus
  • Priority support
  • Advanced security
  • Quarterly/Annual reports
  • Custom integrations
  • Customisation

5-minute set up.

Deploy for the entire organization or just for selected teams.

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